About Us

Meet the Team
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Echo Cleaning Company is a locally-owned family business born out of our own search for an environmentally friendly cleaning service in our area, Coastal Taranaki. 

Pictured here are Chloe and Zac, the owners of Echo Cleaning Company, along with their good boy, Finn the Great Dane. 

Our team is our biggest asset at Echo Cleaning Company.


Staff profiles coming soon! 

Our Values

"Echo Cleaning Company was born out of a passion for the environment and our health"


We care about our planet


We don't like nasty chemicals running into our waterways, which is why we choose products that are biodegradable and, as often as possible, Certified Organic. We invest in high-quality ethical equipment that lasts the distance and generates minimal rubbish in landfills. We’re intentional about water usage and only choose products that are safe to use with septic tanks - rural households, rejoice! What about equipment from underpaid third-world labourers? No, thanks. Our products are carefully sourced from ethical companies who share our values and pay their staff a living wage. We’re eco-warriors fighting for a more ethical and sustainable future.

Mom Tattoo

We care about the health of your family


Many homes are filled with toxic cleaners and artificial scents that can be harmful to our health causing concerns from hormone disruption, skin and lung irritation, they may even contain cancer-causing carcinogens. But the reality is, we don’t need such harsh chemicals for a sparkling clean home. Our approach to cleaning will keep you, your family, your pets (and also your eco-cleaner!) safe and healthy.

Pencil and notepad

We go above and beyond


With the sharpest eyes for detail, we see what needs done and promise to leave you impressed! We pride ourselves on excellent service with the best results, every time. Our aim is for you to come home and be over the moon with the results, we’ll do what it takes to make you smile!


We take pride in what we do


Being a cleaner often comes with a stigma – we say ‘bugger that!’. We’re amazing people with strong values who love to make our customers happy. We help you feel happy, safe and comfortable in your homes while looking after our beautiful earth. We love our work and even get to ‘work out’ while we do it! No need for gym membership - we stay super active while achieving great results in your home.

Heart & Hands

We are a team


We help each other to do and be our best by encouraging, empowering and looking out for each other. We value and respect all people and their uniqueness. We care about all members of our team and pay fair wages so we can live our best lives without being over worked. Our low-tox approach also keeps our team members safe - no fumes, no fuss.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Systems

We supply all of the high-quality sustainable equipment needed to achieve a perfect clean in your home.  

We just ask that you please provide a toilet brush for each toilet in the home, along with you preferred toilet cleaner. 

The main surface spray we use is BioGro Certified Organic which leaves no toxic residue in your home.  We've also introduced a selection of handmade cleaning products from safe houehold ingredients, including essential oil blends to leave your home smelling fresh.